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Botanico story

Botanico Tea’s is a trademark based on broad experience in growing, production, preparation and tea consuming all over the world.

Our story is made up of abundant experience and a unique relationship to nature and its products. Our story begins in a family – a place filled with the embracing fresh scent of tea. After we travelled the world our mum always welcomed us with the local herbs from our garden. When poured on with hot water, they created a very special infusion with a very specific taste and effects which until today remind us of those happy moments of homecoming. And so we thought about creating a special tea blend with a variety of tastes for every day to be such unique and authentic as those days used to be for us. We wanted to create a product which would define who we are in every cup we drink. Because as those cups of tea from our mum, every single cup of tea has its story and so creates the story of our lives.

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We started our tea journey with our neighbours and family through experiments with the infusions of herbs and fruits. We exchanged our experience and advice with growing and processing of individual ingredients. We exchanged our blends and so we shared not only a variety of interesting tastes, but also new and exciting experiences embedded in every infusion. In this way we discovered excellent tea blends and shared love with which we prepared them.


 Soon afterwards we set off on our first tea expedition. Our family travelled to New Zealand, Australia and Cambodia and soon other countries such as United States, Canada and those in Mid East followed. In all of them we gained broad knowledge of growing, production and preparation of tea. Due to newly acquired experience, skills and contacts from all over the world we managed to set up an international company producing unique mixtures of tea and tisanes.

While walking on one of the most pristine and beautiful islands that we have ever seen, our name Botanico was born. Botanico, because it perfectly complies with our beliefs and unique blends. This happened in Madeira in 2017. From then on we proudly present our Botanico idea and share our passion and approach to tea and nature with the rest of the world.

Welcome to Botanico Campagne, where your heart touches a tea leaf and where the love meets the nature.

Sincerely Zdenek Prusa Jr.


The tea expedition

1990 ​A little boy was born in a little Czech village. There was something in his DNA which predetermined him to dedicate his life and affection to the world of hospitality.


2005 ​Admission to The secondary school for hotel and hospitality industry in Jeseník, Czech Republic. Start bartending while developing and creating his bartender skills and knowledge.


2006 ​Set up of his first company Cocktail nights and holding of bartending exhibition events. During the summer of 2006 gaining his first experience in InterContinental Prague.


2007 ​Developing and representing his company and secondary school to achieve his hospitality goals. Attending competitions among the Czech secondary schools for hotel and hospitality industry. Consultations with professionals of bartending school to develop his skills and knowledge of the bar scene.


2008 ​First hotel experience abroad, namely in Ireland Inchydoney Lodge and Spa.


2009​ Graduation at The secondary school for hotel and hospitality industry in Jeseník (Czech republic). Beverage Manager at graduation party night. Moving to Switzerland.


2010 ​Admission to study at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) in Switzerland. The autumn internship in Hyatt Hotel Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


2011 ​Back to HIM and further study. Food and Beverage manager at The Grease Banquet. School representative at International hotel recruitment forum. Working in Troika bar. Award of The student of the month at HIM. Representing Cocktail nights at HIM as part of teaching his first Master class. The autumn stay in Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, US (Food and Beverage manager running 3 bars, room dining and deli dining).


2012 ​Back to Switzerland to start at Business and Hotel Management School. Growing in his bartending career as a mentor continuing with bartending shows. 2013 ​Achieving his life dream as Food and Beverage Manager in Kuda Huraa, Maledives.


2014 ​Food and Beverage Manager in Quatar Doha, Quatar.


2015 ​Back to Switzerland establishing his career with the brand of Raddison Blue and meanwhile creating his Botanico Urban Lifestyle Concept.


2017 ​Introducing the world first Tea Collection of Botanico Teas. Study of International Tea Master.


2019 ​Launching Prusa GbmH in Kloten, Switzerland and Prusa Internacional S.R.O in Prague, Czech Republic. Launching new POP-UP-STORE. Introducing new Collection of 22 New Teas. Further development of Botanico Urban lifestyle.

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